Douluo Dalu – 295 – God Level Angel, First Battle

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46 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 295 – God Level Angel, First Battle

  1. Thanks for the chapter XD

    I kinda wish she’d stop hating on Bibi Dong… I mean, her birth seemed to be one of the main reasons for Bibi Dong’s suffering… and yet calling her a bad person just cause she can’t love the result of her suffering and hate???

    Tang San has more reason to hate his dad than this girl has to hate her mom…


      • I don’t think Bibi Dong wanted her dead, though? She certainly didn’t want her to become the god of angels, but I got the impression that it was because she didn’t want her daughter to be her ultimate opponent. It was whatshisname the grandfather who manipulated Qian Renxue into hating Bibi Dong. 🤔


      • Yah, but Bibi had good reason to hate her daughter. The girl was the reason for her suffering and wasn’t wanted from the start. I mean, if a cult forced you to lose everything and then give birth to a jackass’ baby, I’d think it’s normal to be pissed….


  2. Yay yay yay. I caught up and I was waiting for this next chapter. And all the chapters until the end. I tried a different translation but yours is 10 times better. I’ll drum up my patience and wait for quality. Much love.


  3. Gotta say, I’m not liking her character right now, I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt before, but now my attitude’s shifted; she’s way too full of the fact that she’s become a god, and she just comes across as spoiled; hardly someone as talented as Tang San.

    This kinda reinforces my idea that the god of angels is just flat out biased, and only picked her because the other gods all had inheritors, and they didn’t want to be left behind; and considering how much simpler her 9th trial was compared to Tang San’s, the rest of hers might have been the same too.

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    • Take into account that compared to Tang San’s trials, her trails can be argued to be easier as her grandfather was the administrator who didn’t want renxue to die. Whereas Tang San’s administrators literally tried to kill him.. Bo Siaxi literally tried to kill him during the trial before Tang San got the trident. It can be argued that since Renxue’s grandfather loved her and do to this love he held back as much as the God of Angels allowed which would make her trails easier than Tang Sans.


    • Actually, I like her more now than I did before, because she is actively trying to quench her attraction to Tang San. I actually like the fact that her motive was to find a way to lower her opinion of him.

      But yeah, her trials were probably easier. Although, I do think that the God of Angels might have chosen her because of her willingness to sacrifice things for her goals and her ability to focus on them. Pretending to be someone else for most of your life is not a mean feat and while she did that she still managed to cultivate her spirit to Spirit Sage level, even though she most certainly had to do so in secret since revealing her spirit would have meant revealing her identity.


    • I mean, she still did almost die during her trials; I wouldn’t call that getting off easier. Other than not having to kill a 100k year old spirit beast they seem about even. They both had to be at the titled level too.


      • Well for her trial with Qian Daoliu, she had an entire year, during which she could make as many attempts as she wanted, she had to endure for less time, and Qian Daoliu wasn’t trying to kill her. In Tang San’s trial, he only had the one, blind attempt, during which Bo Saixi was personally trying to kill him. And we’ve heard Bo Saixi talk about that giant whale, and that’s on a whole other level compared to fighting the orca. She also shouldn’t have had anything as extensive as Tang San’s 5 year trial to max his spirit rings and spirit bones either considering how quickly she passed her 7th and 8th trials; I mean he’s already shortened it down to a month or two and he’s still behind.


  4. Thank you for the chapter!


    I’m done with the writing of my Douluo Dalu next fanfic chapter but I still need to betaread it myself. And since I will only get back at my place this Sunday, it will be hard for me to update it soon. I can’t do the final corrections until then, sadly. 😦

    I wanna thx those who did comment on my fanfic however. Despise those being short comments, it reassure me that my fanfic is appreciated by some people. While I might write this fanfic for myself, positive comments are quite the tonic for my creativity!


  5. Thanks so much for the chapter. I’m betting on him using his hammer to escape. We haven’t seen his 89 strikes in a while and it must be terrifying by this point.


    • Agreed. I’m betting we see the Sumeru Hammer Disorderly Wind Splitting Method. Release the Domain (switching to hammer mode), and Qian comes running. She’ll be slowed by carrying the Trident. While she is en route, build up the 81 strikes. Right as she arrives, smack her. Then, grab the trident and run.


  6. Thank you Bagelgod! I’ve been reading this ever since the beginning of ch 1 and im really glad you’re still keeping at it. Every new chapter is the highlight of my day so I really appreciate it. Thank you!!!!


  7. Anyone have any info on the Douluo Dalu animation? The only thing on YouTube I’ve seen was in Spanish without subtitles. I can never find any relevant info


    • What’s the point?? The manga illustrations are sickening enough, so I doubt anyone would a great job of that anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong I would love to have it animated, but if only done right. I think Fate Zero artwork and animation would matchup greatly


  8. I’m starting to salivate and get jittery for the next chapter damn it, I kinda can’t wait till Bagelson done translating, reminds me of Sun Ken Rock and Feng Shen Ji sad time when they and yet somehow joyous.


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