Douluo Dalu – 296 – Tenth Spirit Ring, God Level Spirit Ring

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40 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 296 – Tenth Spirit Ring, God Level Spirit Ring

    • Well the hidden made with deepsea sunken silver and human sacrifice is for a single person and he is a title doulou so if it does not kill it will injure to the point of which it will be easy pickins.


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    “…he would be bound to be the greatest threat to the Spirit Empire, and might even destroy it.” -No frigging shit!? And that girl is just now starting to consider killing Tang San?


  2. You know, it strikes me that there is an easier way of settling their differences.

    Qian Renxue wants Spirit Empire to exist because it was her grandpa’s dream. She doesn’t really care about it personally. She also hates Bibi Dong and wouldn’t really mind if she happened to die.

    Tang san doesn’t really hate Spirit Empire so much as he hates Bibi Dong and the previous pontiff. As far as he’s concerned, as long as Spirit Empire stops trying to kill everyone he loves and cares about, everything else could be put off. He also hates Bibi Dong and wants her to die.

    Soooo, in that case, couldn’t they just kill Bibi Dong and agree to stop expanding Spirit Empire? It’s not like Qian Renxue really cares that much about conquering the continent and Tang san would be left available as an ally.

    I get that Spirit Empire is by far more powerful than the other two empires, but I guess it would be a matter of quantity, quality and incentives.

    If the other empires threw out lots of material incentives like titles, land, money etc. I’m sure they could draw in plenty of their own Spirit Users, while Spirit Empire would have a higher quality of Spirit Users and retain the majority of those who don’t really care about material things, in which case they wouldn’t be interested in conquering the other nations because it wouldn’t have anything they want.


    • Well spirit hall was the one who went after his parents initially, and after his mother died, they went after the clear sky school; and it’s been shown that Qian Daoliu was the one who told the world the clear sky school and started the attack against them, even while knowing that Bibi Dong was the one who killed his son, so he’s directly involved in things. In fact from the sounds of things, part of the reason he even went after the clear sky school was because he couldn’t beat Tang Chen, a fairly petty thing to do really.

      And I doubt there could be peace between the empires and spirit hall after everything that’s happened; there’s too much bad blood after the attacks on the 2 great clans, and their attempt to take over the heaven dou empire, which involved the murder of 3 princes; not to mention all the other stuff they’ve done over the years. And even if they did stop, the fact that spirit hall did this once, shows they could do it again, so the two empires would never take the risk.

      Not to mention the stuff spirit hall has done to him personally; they tried to have him assassinated, something almost all the elders in spirit hall agreed to do, not just Bibi Dong, and went after Xiao Wu. So they started trying to kill him first, and he’s acting in retaliation, in fact they’ve struck first in every conflict so far; they can’t just try and call truce now that they realise they could lose. The same with the angelic clan; all three members of their clan have done some fairly terrible and shady things, in the name of their clan, spirit hall, or individually; they can’t just say they were uninvolved either.

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      • What you say makes sense, but from what I can tell of Tang Sans’ and Qian Renxues’ personalities, neither one of them would take things like assassination attempts against themselves much to heart, let alone against people he doesn’t even care much about. Tang San doesn’t hold any great attachment to the Clear Sky sect, or even the Empire he’s currently helping.
        Rather, if the guilty parties are executed, Tang San wouldn’t care as much and frankly, as Qian Renxue has the power of a God at this point, if she decided that being friends with Tang San was more important than keeping a few old fogies from Spirit Empire, wiping them out wouldn’t be off the table.
        I don’t know.
        Just seeing that neither one is being driven by ambition tells me that theirs room to negotiate. Tang Sans’ bottom line is leave him, his family and his friends alone. Qian Renxue’s bottom line is to keep Spirit Empire alive in memory of her grandfather. With those starting points, there’s a lot of negotiating points between those two.

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        • But Tang San blames Spirit Hall as a whole for what they did to his mom and dad and Xiao Wu. And while he’s not deeply attached to Clear Sky School, he’s still slightly attached to them if for no other reason than that’s where his father is from and Tang San is big on filial piety. Also Spirit Hall completely destroyed his teacher Grandmaster and Er Long’s clan and almost destroyed Rongrong’s clan. Tang San’s grudge is too big for him to settle for just specific people being executed.


  3. I thought I read somewhere that his Trident would come back to him after x amount of kilometers or time or something… Am I totally wrong? Misremembering? I thought that’s why he could throw it so casually. Or is it because she’s at God level that she can keep it?

    Thanks for another exciting chapter 🙂


    • I don’t think he can summon it yet; he had to go collect it after throwing it at Jialing pass as well, so it’s not just because she’s a god

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    • I think that he didn’t summon it before because it would have given away his location. Now, even if he were to summon it, it would basically be pointless. He may try to retrieve it once this bet is over, or just a second before the stick burns out. We’ll see.

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  5. too bad asura god didn’t pass on to xiao wu and sticked with tang san making him a dual god…. so dumb… and he even beat both the angelic god and the raksha god at the same time 2v1.


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