Douluo Dalu – 298 – Absolute Suppression, Great Sumeru Clear Sky Hammer

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49 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 298 – Absolute Suppression, Great Sumeru Clear Sky Hammer

    • He already used those up remember; when he was escaping the forest with Xiao Wu and was being chased by all those spirit sages


  1. He broke the Titan Ape’s spirit ring… Actually, the fact that he shattered any of his rings bothers me. Is he going to lose those rings forever?!


    • They explained it last chapter. After detonating the rings, they’ll reform after three days but the technique can’t be used again for 36 days or the rings will permanently be destroyed.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Surprised that Qian Renxue didn’t get what Tang San was doing, considering he used that move for the first time in combat against her lol


  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    “What a Tang San,”
    -Is there a some sort of translation/wording error, because this doesn’t sound proper English for me…

    “..he actually didn’t give up even now, actually using the Clear Sky School’s useless Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.”
    -And it doesn’t seem to be so useless 😂


  4. Why did she take the 81st swing head on? He couldn’t track her location. All she had to do was avoid it and he would be done.


  5. I just noticed… did the author mix up the spirit rings? Or rather, I am very confused by the paragraph detailing why the first spirit Ring of the Clear Sky Hammer is better than the final three of Blue Silver Grass. After all the final three are: the one gifted by the Seagod (presumably very high quality), the one from the orca (a formidable 100 000 year spirit beast, comparable to the Python and the Ape) and the one from the python (which has been stated as being even more powerful than the Ape). So… why the talk about the three ants in this paragraph? And why stating that the spirit ring is somehow more powerful? (After all, much of the difference was explained as the Clear Sky Hammer being the spirit this techinque was invented for)


    • I think the author means the first ring of the clear sky hammer is better for the great sumeru hammer technique; it’s a really forceful technique, so the hundred thousand year spirit ring from a spirit beast with incredible physical strength and raw power, is better for it than the last three on his blue silver emperor spirit


      • But doesn’t the orca also fit that description? After all it was statet that while the sharks were unmatched in regard to speed, the orcas were greatly superior in raw strengh. (And considering the abilities Tang San got from the orca that seems to be accurate…)


        • I think it has to do with the fact that spirit ring detonation is a technique made for the Clear Sky Hammer, so it synergizes better. When he was detonating his Blue Silver Emperor rings, he was using a Clear Sky Hammer technique, without the Clear Sky Hammer.

          I believe earlier in the novel that the Titan Ape had been described as being able to contend with hundred thousand year beasts when it was just a ten thousand year beast. I think that is why his attack is so much stronger


  6. Thanks again Bagelson.

    Random estimation… The combined word count for all Harry Potter novels is just over 1.08 million words. Once fully translated, the word count for DD will be approximately 1.6 million words. O_O


  7. Yay!! Bagelson, thanks for all your hard work! I’m so glad I’m able to read this series, and its all thanks to your wonderful translation. Thank you 🙂 >


  8. I followed you for years and while your translations are good i cant help but notice you lost a lot of followers due ro slow translations.

    I actually stopped coming here myself when i realized it would take you a year to finish the last 80 chapters (at 1 or maybe 2 a weekend).

    Started on d2 already. But just wanted to say thanks for getting me hooked into the series and thanks for the translations up until wuxia started doing it.

    If you start up amother novel and do more than a chapter a week post it. Your translations are amazing.


    • I’ve personnally read that website’s translations and they’re really to bad for me to enjoy anything. I think Bagelson’s done an incredible work until now and he deserves all our support. If some consider these translations as they consider junk food, then they’re not worth the notice. Personnally, I have decided to reread the whole DD translation from the beginning: it’s a way to wait until new chapters are out. And just like you, I read DD2 and DD3 (well… I’ll read DD2 again from now on, as wuxiaworld has finally reached the level where Cookiepasta had dropped it).

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  9. I already the entire novel thanks to the other translator website. Tang-san won 2v1 against bibi and angelic. He had double god power with poseidon and asura


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