31 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 297 – Great Sumeru Hammer’s Profound Argumentation: Ring Detonation

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    So that’s how the great sumeru hammer works; good thing the spirit rings recover after a while, otherwise he’d never be able to finish his 8th trial; there’s the backlash from losing his 5th ring too.


  2. Thank you for the chapter!


    Posted my latest chapter of my Douluo Dalu fanfic a few days ago too. Check it out and post a comment if you like it!

    Its a bit of a shame we don’t know much about Gu Rong (Title Douluo Bone). I’m planning to correct that in my fanfic LOL


    • I’ve read and enjoyed your work and you seriously need to put food in it (whether a spirit master or a glutton). All of the Doulou series has food with ma hongjun the glutton from season 1, Yuhao from UTS with his impossibly good frying skill of which I say hacks on top of more hacks, and LDK with Tang Wulin and his somehow ever increasing appetite that allows him to eat an entire f**king tuna from the f**king ocean.

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  3. This chapter is better to be watched than being read. If this goes to animation its better than dragonball😁😁😁.. thanks for the chapter… hope we can enjoy more chapters next week✌🏻


  4. Thank you for the release.
    So, it means that Tang San’s rings he detonated will not vanish forever but recover and retun to normal after certain time instead?
    Waah, I almost stop reading bcoz of that. I really thought that he will lost them forever.


  5. For the love of god just kill him, use your tenth ability and nuke his plot-armored ass. Tang San hasnt fought a fair fight inis life so why should his opponents? You’re an immortal god now, just kill him and then if you really feel that bad about it you’ll have the rest of time to get over it

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  6. Honestly, detonating his rings might be a bonus, since he can then replace them. Assuming the same rules aply as for the ones he donated to Xiao Wu, he’ll only get stronger once he replaces them.


    • They reform after 3 days so he can’t replace them with better rings. Though I’m sure if the trend continues, once Tang San completes his Seagod Trials, his rings will probably be upgraded in their age as a reward.


      • “And after using Ring Detonation once, it couldn’t be used again for at least thirty six days. Otherwise there was risk of the spirit rings breaking for real.”
        So it could be permanent.


        • Causing his spirit power/spirit to be damaged just like described when he wanted to give his rings to xiao wu. In both cases he “rip” his rings out of himself


  7. Finally caught up! I fell off the wagon last January and decided to reread everything up to now (took me two weeks). Thank you Bagelson and everyone else on the TL crew for the work you guys put in!
    (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


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