27 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 307 – Annihilating the Demon Whale King, Variant Deathgod Domain

  1. So… didn’t they initially say that there have to be 60 days between Ring Detonations or else the Spirit might be irreperably damaged? And this is the second time now that Tang San has broken that rule with (likely) no repercussions. The first time I bought it because he was desperate and the Seagod restored him. But this time he acutally calculated it into his plans? What the hell? Is he so incredibly confident that no rules apply to him that he doesn’t even think about the possible repercussions?

    (And why create that rule in the first place if it plays no role whatsoever? It wasn’t even adressed that he put his spirit at risk by going that route… really, why does that rule exist? It appears to have not the slightest bearing on the story.)

    And now that I’ve complained about rules not applying to Tang San, I will thank you very much for the chapter.


    • No, they said 3 days on the ring detentions. Not sure where you got 60 days from, it also mentions multiple times that he had recovered from the previous explosions before fighting the whale in the current point.


      • The cost of Ring Detonation were also enormous. After using Great Sumeru Hammer’s Ring Detonation once, all spirit rings would completely disappear for three days. Only the spirit power remained. A full three days were required before the spirit rings could gradually recover. And after using Ring Detonation once, it couldn’t be used again for at least thirty six days. Otherwise there was risk of the spirit rings breaking for real.

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        • Which is why he used the ones on the hammer instead of the blue silver grass, because he previously broke the rings for his other spirit.


          • During the fight with Qian Renxue, Tang San detonated the CSH rings too, just not all at once. I think the author either forgot about the 36 day ring breaking rule or it doesn’t apply to Tang San because he’s the main character.


            • It was mentioned back when the seagod desended
              The Seagod extended a finger, touching the Seagod Trident brand on Tang San’s forehead. Tang San felt his mind clear, and the next moment, the surging water element turned into the purest energy and poured into him. (All his previous exhaustion, including the side effects of ring detonation), actually completely disappeared as that pure energy infused him. The surrounding scenery also grew illusory. Tang San felt his whole body relax, all the pressure obliterated completely. The surroundings had already become a pure blue world.

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            • But then why create it in the first place? If it plays no role, he could have just left it at the “Spirit Rings are gone for 3 days”. Everything would have been consistend and it would still have been a major drawback.

              Never mind that it would be nice to have the rules of the world apply to Tang San at least *once*.


      • 3 days until he can use his rings again. And 60 (or 36 as mentioned by jnwilde4, I might have remembered it wrong) until he can use Ring Detonation again without endangering his spirit.


  2. Hello, Bagelson.

    I’ve followed you for a quite long time now and I admire you very much.

    It’s thanks to you that I began to love the xianxia novels, DD was my first xianxia novel that I read. I still remember that when I began to read DD the number of released chapters were roughly at 170. I cried for Xiao Wu, for Tang San.

    Now it’s been two years since I have begun to read this king of web novel, and thanks to the fact that my parents are Chinese, I knew how to speak and listen to Chinese. But I didn’t know how to read.

    I want to tell you that you played an important role in my life, because you have kindled my love for the Chinese Web Novel, and since a year ago, I have begun to learn how to read Chinese seriously.

    Now I have already finished reading DD1 and DD2 in Chinese thanks to the very useful app Pleco (it is a chinese-english dictionary that allows to copy and paste a Chinese text in a clipboard reader, and whenever there is a character I don’t know, I can read its meaning in English directly with a touch of my finger). As I already knew how to speak, I learned quickly.

    Anyway, the message that I want to convey is that I feel very very grateful to you.

    The quality of your translation is amazing and I wish you will be able to finish this project of yours.

    Thank you for all you’ve done these last three years.


  3. Thanks for the chapter. Only 4 volumes plus 1 chapter left.
    I always liked this story because of its lack of repetition. But sometimes I feel some parts are treated too hurry.


  4. All the bones in Tang San’s four limbs were shattered, the energy channels within his body just as chaotic as when he detonated all his spirit rings when fighting Qian Renxue. But his fighting spirit still held him up. He would never let himself collapse before he killed the enemy before him.
    Placing a crystal caterpillar sausage in his mouth, —
    how the hell can he move any of his limbs if the bone is shattered seriously the author doesnt even know what common sense is


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