Douluo Dalu – 308 – Million Year Spirit Ring and Million Year Spirit Bone

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33 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 308 – Million Year Spirit Ring and Million Year Spirit Bone

  1. It’s fucking hillarious.

    i stopped reading this translation months ago because of the aggravation of the slow releases.
    i actually believed that it will be over by now.

    guess ill wait a few months more….


  2. I’m guessing a new Sea God’s Heart, only this time in purple.
    And to the guy complaining that the translation isn’t done yet: come back about the start of July. He does one / week and had 28 more to go…

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  3. Very nice! I should say the reference image of the rivers Jing and Wei was amazing and it assisted on my vizualization of the events better. Thank you very much for the enjoyable work! Aside from the errors on the name of Xiao Vai or Xiao Bau, it was all good, in my opinion. Almost perfect there. Hahaha. Very well done. Good day to everyone!

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  4. Thank you for the chapter.

    This battle over Tang San’ spirit bones is strange. Did it make them evolve ? It should be, since his body has evolved to the god level.


    • I think it’s a fight over what type of god level spirit bones they will be when they evolve into god level spirit bones. Like the angle god’s regalement has holy energy will his have sea god sacred energy or death god slaughter energy?


  5. 7 more months until this series finish! oh goddddd I’m not excited, I’m pissed as fucked, I hope bagelson will give as a christmas gift, finishing this novel before the year ends


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