22 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 309 – Treasure In Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s Head

  1. *Cough Cough* “The higher his level, the more clear the advantage of his first rape spirit would be.” nearly choked xD

    the typo is slightly past halfway :p

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  2. Is it a whale or a fish? It mentions that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King is a fish type like Xiao Bai and also says it has gills.

    I get the feeling Tang Chen died or is dying with how Bo Saixi is acting and she says that she was grateful for getting to see him one last time.


  3. I wonder if she has to die for TS to become the seagod… that would be very sad indeed but would make some sense. It would also explain why the seven guardians looked so pained.


      • Qian Renxue’s grandfather must sacrifice himself because she is basically not ready to inherit the Angel God. Her spirit power is more below Tang San right? I believe Tang San is absolutely ready to inherited the Seagod without help from anyone.


      • I’m guessing that she is supposed to die in the process, but Tang San being Tang San he’ll probably find a way around it.


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