41 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 311 – Beginning of Inheritance, Sacrifice, Seagod Douluo

    • Well some people in Bo Saixi’s position could decide to let someone who hasn’t gotten the heart, or the acknowledgement of it through for personal reasons, hoping they’d be able to become the successor anyway. Like how Qian Daoliu carried Qian Renxue through her trials, Bo Saixi could have done the same, so this is a defence against that.


      • Ehhh, but the trials come from the seagod’s intent, and they can even be made harder when the seagod’s intent thinks someone’s having it too easy. I don’t think someone could actually pass the first 8 trials without the seagod’s intent wanting them to. And someone who doesn’t pass the first 8 trials won’t be strong enough to survive the 9th. It’s obviously not a defense against other gods, either, since Tang San’s just going to break through with a god level attack.

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  1. I believe something went wrong.
    At the beginning the hammer is on the left hand, but in the chapter he become titled Douluo, the hammer is in the right hand 🙂
    but it is still good, and it is nearly the end as I remembered.
    so is that possible for translating Dou luo da lu 2 &3?
    I believe lots of them want to see just like me. 🙂
    thanks for the effort


  2. Not again man, you’re so close Bagelson, just three more months of your quality translations and you’re done. So please bear with us.


  3. After quite a while, I have finally caught up to the current translated chapter. Thanks for all the hard work on the previous chapters!

    On an unrelated note, does anyone remember that poison snake thing that Tang San won from Dugu Bo? Did something happen to it, or was it just forgotten by the esteemed author?


  4. 25 chapters left but at this rate, it will take around 8 months to complete. Can someone please slap this translator back to reality so he could be like other translators? Speed plus quality; not slow plus mediocre quality.


    • I believe that we all would like to see how this novel ends already and it’s a bit frustrating when it’s being stalled so close to the end of the novel. So tempted to just read the badly translated version just to get some closure on the story. At first I was fine with waiting, but the chapters only seem to be coming out slower and slower, at this pace I will probably have already lost interest in the novel by the time the ending even comes around and it would be a great disservice to the novel to let that happen.

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      • why would he stall it since he doesn’t make any money from it what would be the purpose of stalling it there is none seriously he is doing it for free and probably by himself go read the badly translated one if you cant handle it like you stated.


        • I don’t believe he meant that this was stalled for reason of gain and I think most of the fans of this novel are a little salty at this point bc no matter how much patience we have it is still frustrating.


          • yeah I get the frustration but using stall isn’t the appropriate word for it as I don’t think anyone would stall it for hype for any reason since they are doing it for free is what I mean but yeah the wait is real just think of it like grinding in RPGs or waiting for energy on mobile games hoping for that great drop. :))


  5. Hope the holidays have been good to everyone! And happy new year. Can’t wait for the end Bagelson but I will cause it’s the best


  6. How can u be Soo smart out the whole novel, but became stupid at this point? It’s pretty damn obvious from the look and way she talks that this process would take her life. Author was good until this point very stupid mistake tang San is intelligent man he would know this from the first sight of her old age
    Dammit author u ipset me in this chapter


    • Haha.. can’t agree more! What’s more upsetting is Tang San’s stupid replies or statements whenever he sees his Xiao Wu in a distressed mood, like “Xiao Wu, if you don’t want me to kill the…”. Damn, the author turned Tang San into a retard by even considering not killing the whale if Xiao Wu is not happy about it.

      I don’t mind if the author ass-pulled some out of the world abilities to our MC once in a while, but at least make him consistent in his temperament, his thinking and his action. Sometimes, I have a feeling, the author regretted making Tang San so OP and then pulled back the string by making everyone around him to suddenly levelled up with practically no effort at all.

      For example, we have Dai Mubai ranked 84 after he absorbed the spirit bone at the Heaven Dou military camp, then it shot up to 88 after absorbing some energy from a dead whale in just a few weeks? Meanwhile, Tang San hardly raised a single rank after absorbing 8 fifty-thousand rings to both his spirits during his time in Star Dou Forest.

      Another inconsistency is Ning Rong Rong: she was always the weakest but the author did not even bother to explain how Ning Rong Rong could turn her 2 God bestowed spirit rings into a 100 000 year ring while Tang San nearly died absorbing one and he literally turned into a statue for 3 months for that. How is Ning Rong Rong able to match Tang San’s strength even if it’s was her 8th ring and Tang San was the 7th?

      Don’t even get me started on Xiao Wu. She was still somewhat likable in the beginning when she was younger and more independent. But I just hate her character as it progresses because the author gives her so much attributes and power without her working for them, just because she sacrificed herself for Tang San. The author always emphasised Tang San’s body reaching a demi-God level and Xiao Wu’s only a tiny bit weaker. What the heck, all she did was eating two precious herbs but at level 80 something, she could absorb as much energy from the whale as Tang San whereas everyone else had reached their limit in less than half her limit. How is that even possible? It’s like she’s just ‘there’ and had hardly any character development or contribution. I hate passive characters!

      Anyway, enough of ranting. I just hate having my fav character Tang San being so smart but then loses his brain whenever it comes to Xiao Wu.


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