Douluo Dalu – 312 – Seagod And Asura God

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45 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 312 – Seagod And Asura God

  1. Happy New Year.
    Well this is a nice way to start the year. The Seagod’s name is Bo Saidong? Kinda sounds like Poseidon. Also I find it funny that the two gods are arguing like little kids over who got first dibs on Tang San.

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  2. would like a seagod prequel, only, knowing that he didn’t have comrades/friends will make it a generic xianxia at worst or a coiling dragon without bebe at best. I gotta ask; how does the inheritance work with TS twin spirit?, would it become a third or overide the other two or his twin spirits won’t be god level, just his inheritance? regardless HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! stay happy


    • I think with the Asura gods influence on the Clear Sky Hammer, it just means that Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor will be the one receiving the Seagods inheritance; like how Qian Renxue had a 10th spirit ring on her Seraphim martial soul from becoming the Angel god. So from this inheritance, only his Blue Silver Emperor will become a god level martial soul.


  3. Jsut in case nobody said it
    There might be a little problem if
    Two large sliding doors blogkes Tang San’s bath
    Instead of it’s path :/


  4. Little did the Asura God know that Tang san was the last candidate for the inheritance as Tang San destroyed and flooded the Death City 🙂


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