Douluo Dalu – 312 – Seagod And Asura God

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48 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 312 – Seagod And Asura God

    • The author should learn English before you praise him…..
      my eyes are bleeding after reading this, if he wanna translate he should do it right


  1. Happy New Year.
    Well this is a nice way to start the year. The Seagod’s name is Bo Saidong? Kinda sounds like Poseidon. Also I find it funny that the two gods are arguing like little kids over who got first dibs on Tang San.

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  2. would like a seagod prequel, only, knowing that he didn’t have comrades/friends will make it a generic xianxia at worst or a coiling dragon without bebe at best. I gotta ask; how does the inheritance work with TS twin spirit?, would it become a third or overide the other two or his twin spirits won’t be god level, just his inheritance? regardless HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! stay happy


    • I think with the Asura gods influence on the Clear Sky Hammer, it just means that Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor will be the one receiving the Seagods inheritance; like how Qian Renxue had a 10th spirit ring on her Seraphim martial soul from becoming the Angel god. So from this inheritance, only his Blue Silver Emperor will become a god level martial soul.


  3. Jsut in case nobody said it
    There might be a little problem if
    Two large sliding doors blogkes Tang San’s bath
    Instead of it’s path :/


  4. Little did the Asura God know that Tang san was the last candidate for the inheritance as Tang San destroyed and flooded the Death City 🙂


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