Douluo Dalu – 314 – The Word Love, Telepathic Rescue

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43 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 314 – The Word Love, Telepathic Rescue

    • Actual love i think it would only be 3 maybe 4. We have Xiao Wu, Qian Renxue and the one he partnered with in the slaughter city (forgot her name). The only other potential one would be that pirate lady who was never mentioned again if i recall correctly. If were talking about crushes though assume every female he’s ever talked to.


      • Also, in the beginning, there was the Granddaughter of the Dragon (or was it Snake?) Couple – the one they met when Tang San killed the first Man Faced Demon Spider. She kissed him during the early stages of the tournament an he turned her down.

        And during the year he spent at his aunts school (or what it was), the (i think) daughter of the emperor, who was there as well, also fell in love with him.

        Of course, they disappeared as well, but they were pretty obvious about their intentions. So basically, we have groups
        – the one person, whose feelings he returns (Xiao Wu)
        – the two antagonists with what can only be classified as unhealthy obsession (Hu Liena und Qian Renxue)
        – and the women who declared/showed/had their feelings for him made obvious and disappeared directly afterwards (Pirate Lady, Granddaughter, Princess). They annoy me the most actually, since they don’t even serve the plot in any way – the antagonist’s obession at least has an influence on the plot, but they just fall in love and disappear. It doesn’t serve the plot, it is just annoying.

        (I think that should be every one that was explicitly shown… yeah, I am annoyed by the whole “Every girl or woman remotely in Tang San’s age range falls in love with him).


    • Oh my god, I hadn’t even thought about that. They’re going straight to marital counceling when they get married.
      “What do you mean you don’t know why you were naked in her dream?! Do you dream about that skank naked too??”

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    • He’s just as confused as Xiao Wu is. As far as both of them are concerned, Quian Renxue deeply hated Tang San. Tang San is definitely showing how confused he is, and Xiao Wu is seeing everything and she knows how he feels about her, so they’ll be just fine


  1. Thanks for the chapter Bagelson.

    I guess this last trial is showing him the desires of Qian Renxue, since testing his own desires wouldn’t really be effective.

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  2. So the last test is showing Qian Renxue’s final test. Didn’t she bone the Tang San illusion in her test? This’ll be awkward since Xiao Wu can see what’s going on.

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      • I wonder how, though. After all, it seems like he is watching the scene (which was basically her dream, as far as I understood) from the outside – he can’t reject her, since he is not the one interacting with her – she is interacting with an image of him that she createsd and that I doubt he has control over.

        My interpretation was, that it would just replay the scene from her inheritance. Although, why that is supposed to test his resistance to lust, I have no idea… it seems like he would be more likely to be irritated than aroused?


        • Maybe cause he would try to move and stop it and that could cause him ro fail, or it could show a xiao wu illusion crying or something


            • Maybe the Lust test is actually for Xiao Wu: can she keep her calm and hold the portal open if she sees Tang San have sex? Though I guess that would fall more under jealousy…

              to be honest I don’t know where this is going. Tang San’s resilience to temptation is really high, but the skull bone is the most important bone so maybe the illusion’s influence will just be that much stronger.


  3. God damnit!!! I want more dillydallydoolydoolodigdugdumbanddumber!!!!! Home stretch! Can’t be going so slow when there’s so little chapters! Release them all tonight! Do it!!


  4. I actually expected fox chick. He acknowledges angel chick as a worthy opponent, but there was never any mention of her turning him on. They mentioned several times that fox chick could make him notice her. It wasn’t much, but it was more than angel chick.


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