Douluo Dalu – 315 – Tang San: My Virginity Is Only For Xiao Wu, Seagod Raiment

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28 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 315 – Tang San: My Virginity Is Only For Xiao Wu, Seagod Raiment

  1. We always knew Tang San would become a god, so I wasn’t too excited by this chapter. But, Xiao Wu’s reward from her trial? I want to see that so badly! Oh my god, this cliff hanger is just teasing us.


  2. It’s kinda weird that he would see the contents of the Angel Trial, since that would require spying on another god’s territory. I suppose an enforcer like Asura could do it, but I’m skeptical that the Seagod could. Especially since he shouldn’t have actually known there would be a reason for it. Also, shooting out flames after becoming the god of the sea is weird too.


  3. I thinking she’ll go god straight away. The Seagod should know that Tang San wouldn’t want to continue living without Xiao Wu, so making him immortal if she’s not would actually be a punishment for him. Seagod shouldn’t be taking any chances with Xiao Wu becoming a god as well.


    • Or on second thought, that would make his remaining battles too easy. So maybe it’ll be something where she’s guaranteed to become a god eventually, but it requires more time to actually happen?

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  4. “First rate trial complete, accompany the Seagod in completing the inheritance, superpositioned rewards released, rewarding…… Tang San’s virginity”

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