Douluo Dalu – 316 – Seagod Tang San

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31 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 316 – Seagod Tang San

  1. While both were first rate trials, Xiao Wu’s improvement was clearly a level higher than Ning Rongrong’s first rate seven trials. This wasn’t just due to the
    And at the same time, Dai Mubai and the others also heard a voice,
    “Assisting the Seagod’s inheritance, rewarding one god bestowed spirit ring.”

    This wasn’t just due to the ___ ? Part of the sentence is missing.


  2. It seems like a really poor choice for Xaio Wu to not start absorbing those rings right away. If Tang San’s not going to help fight the Spirit Empire Army, then they could really use another title douluo. Not to mention that if she’s feeling inferior because of her strength, then getting stronger right away should be something she wants to do.

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  3. So, if her spirit power was already past lvl 80, it should have been roughly the same as the other Shrek Six Devils. Since the Seagod’s power they absorbed pushed them to lvl 90, I would assume it would be the same for her. That would mean the 10 spirit levels she was awarded after that would bring her straight to lvl 100. Is this godhood confirmed?

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    • Not so far. Have to wait for when she absorbs. But she should reach peak duolou level 99 at least. But your deductions are theoretically accurate based on the story so far.


  4. so amazed. thanks for the update. keep on the good work. i am excited to read more. it i s getting more interesting.


  5. Oh, come on, Xiao Wu.
    Your man had double in both quality and quantity of spirit rings and God inherntances.
    How could he possibly lose?
    Only Bibi Dong could be a threat cos she also habeas duo spirits and she choose the evil God heritage.

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  6. Holy …… I can’t believe I actually reached the current release of the translations. I just started reading this to check what it was about (seen the anime first) then just like that I never stopped reading this fantastic story ! Thanks for the translations and although this place doesn’t connect to the author I also give my sincere thanks !


  7. After a week and a half of straight reading, I’ve finally caught up!!
    (With much neglected schoolwork)

    Thank you so much for your work bagelson!!


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