Douluo Dalu – 318 – Jade Wave, Seagod, Infinite Azure

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18 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 318 – Jade Wave, Seagod, Infinite Azure

  1. Welp looks like those mind games back fired on Tang San.

    So Oscar is going for a 100,000 year spirit ring as his title douluo 9th ring. What sort of hilarious incantation will his 9th skill have?

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  2. I guess the real question right now is: will Renxue ally with her mother against Tang San once she emerges as a God? Or will they fight each other, possibly resulting in Renxue’s death?

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    • Didn’t she already denounced her mother? “My grandfather died, I no longer have any family, and what use is the Spirit Empire’s authority? I have no cares.” That’s what she said so it can be inferred she has rejected her mother completely this time.”


        • Although I feel like they will fight… It seems like Bibi Dong spites her daughter; she lost her shit when that thing signifying a new god appeared in Spirit City or whatever and seems like she’s lost it since Grandmaster didn’t accept her.


        • I doubt, both have already disowned each other and from the inheritance it does appear that Renxue has completely blocked her mother out of her life.


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