Douluo Dalu – 319 – Food God And Nine Color Goddess

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41 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 319 – Food God And Nine Color Goddess

  1. Didn’t they already establish that gods can send non gods to the immortal realm too. Seagod sent Grandad and Bo there right? Also its not commendable to weaken yourself so your partner can feel stronger. Maybe have some faith that they want you to be your best self and won’t begrudge you for it :/
    Chinese culture shock always seems to hit me harder than others…

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    • The Seagod sent their souls to a realm where gods go to once they die. I’m sure gods can also bring mortals to their realm but there’s probably rules for how it can be done. As for Rongrong initially not wanting to become a god instead of becoming as strong as possible, I assume it’s because gods live for millions of years. If she became one, then she feared that she’d have to spend millions of years alone without Oscar.

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      • Nah, she specifically said she was worried he would feel inferior, just like he did before he went on his training journey. This is just a case of Oscar having low self esteem. Not that he would ever resent her for being strong; he would just be hating himself. I think it is commendable that she would act to protect him from that.

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  2. It’s the birth of the Sausage God. Fear his meat.

    Also seems like Fatty can’t catch a break what with being made fun of for being a lower level than Ning Rongrong. On another note, how many heads does his phoenix have? First it says 7 and then it says 9.

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    • That’s something I like with this series, even with cultivation, everyone’s still ultimately a normal human with a normal human lifespan; even the almighty gods were all ordinary humans at one point who had their spirits awoken when they were 6.


  3. So was a hundred thousand year spirit ring really the limit of what they could absorb? It’s already been established that spirit rings can go up to a million years. I would think that rather than getting an easy hundred thousand year ring they would push themselves to go higher (not including Oscar, of course).

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    • Hundred thousand is just a class of spirit rings. Anywhere from 100,000 to 999,999 would still be classified as a hundred thousand year spirit ring and it’s not like they gave a specific age on their 9th rings so they could possibly have high level spirit rings within the class. Anyways Tang San’s million year ring is special because the whale could only reach that level of cultivation by stealing and adding other beasts’ cultivation to his own. I think I remember they mentioned that age-wise the whale was only like around 200,000-300,000 years old.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter.
    Their rank after absorbing their 9th ring is revealed from lower to higher (91 for Oscar => 94 for Zhu Qing). So I think Mubai and Xiao Wu will be ranked 95.


  5. whne will the tranlation endf goddamit .
    even after taking 6 moths break it’s not finished.
    i say bagelson is going slow the release rate to once a monthe for the last chapters.


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    • This guy probably has ADHD compound with conditions bordering on being psychotic, lacking in humanity’s empathy, believing the world owes him everything, and claims rights to everything.

      And I agree.

      You have the right to be disqualified from even being able to kiss my ass.

      You have to right to enjoy the fame of idiocy.

      You have the right to have the immediate attention of the asylum for preventive detainment from causing public harm.

      Yoi have to right to express how inept you are.

      You have the right to be ostracised for your lack in social skills.

      Enjoy your rights.

      *slow claps*

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    • Oh, i feel sorry for you (smiling with schadenfreude). maybe it is because of your upbringing that you were like that. normally, people who are freeloading should be greatful and not act like you or whatever. it’s such a shame. bagelson is not asking us anything in return for this wonderful transliterations of his. all i feel is deep appreciation.

      apparently, unlike you, i keep on visiting this site just because i see some ads, and it would be nice if bagel is getting something from it or whatever. so, i don’t see anything wrong if he is taking his time or whatever. if you are suffering, a lot of people do not care and it really doesn’t matter. hahahaha.


    • Nations, empires born and die. Their history may be forgotten. It isn’t because Spirit Empire doesn’t have a record of a food title douluo that that type of douluo never existed. So one food title douluo may have become a god on his own, like Tang San’s greatfather dreamed of.

      Moreover his prerequisite are incredibly harsh: becoming a title douluo before 40 is absolutely terrifying. Tang Hao was the youngest title douluo known by the Spirit Empire before the war, but he had more than 40 years old.

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    • It could be that he was from a time before the spirit rings as it is mentioned when Tang San obtained the pill from the body of the multi-headed serpent thing.


      • Good idea ! We also know that the previous Sea God reigned during about 10 000 years. What was his environmment back then ?


  6. Ive read months ago i think, somewhere in the past chapters a comment saying it was already finished in wattpad, then he type a link, truly the chapter there were advance compared here.. but i was not able to check if it was really finished there because you have to click alot in order to check if its finished. But not i lost the link.. maybe ill red the previous comments, that comment was somewhere that girl became the god of angels and was pursuing and trying to kill tang san..


  7. I wonder should we expect a new chapter this week?? Cause I’m going insane from the anticipation of what’s to come. Already hyped just thinking about it!


  8. …But can you please pick up the pace. Only the 17 most exciting and intense chapters left, so PLEASE grace us with a few consecutive weeks of releases.


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