Douluo Dalu – 320 – Seven Devil Titles And Restored Asura God’s Power

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29 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 320 – Seven Devil Titles And Restored Asura God’s Power

  1. Rank ninety three agility attack type battle spirit master Ning Rongrong, title: Hell.
    Zhu Zhuqing

    Thanks for the new chapter!


    • Asura God: Your feelings betray you Tang San. I sense… Wifu. So, you have a wifu… The Sea god was wise to hide her from me. Now his failure is complete. If you will not be turned to the dark side, THEN PERHAPS SHE WILL.

      Tang San: NOOO!

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  2. I know she needs to get a god inheritance from somewhere, but Asura doesn’t really seem like a good fit for her. I suppose he might want to make Tang San owe him one, though.

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    • Her answer to every problem is violence. When we first met her she took control of the boarding school with an iron fist. She is the most violent character in the group not including this last arc where she wasn separates from her body and couldn’t really throw people around.


  3. Thanks for the chapter~ ❤

    And wasn't Tang San' s title going to be thousand hands asura or something? Or did the author change their mind after comming up with the seagod idea?

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  4. Damn, was secretly hoping for Tang to inherit Asura’s godhood from the start but after becoming a seagod, thought he’d inherit both somehow but guess not.


  5. Disappointed a little bit. Thought the Asura god’s power will be inherited by Tang Hao. It would have made a perfect combination with his overbearing nature. Moreover, he equally possessed the Deathgod Domain, meaning he has already started his Asura god inheritance. With the Asura sword, he could have become Asura god.

    Asura godhood just doesn’t suit Xiao Wu

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