30 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 020 – Oscar’s Big Fresh Sausage And Little Cured Sausage

      • No he is not, I quote from this chapter:

        “If Tang San and Xiao Wu were here, they certainly would recognize, this old man was from that day they spent two hundred gold spirit coins to buy the hair crystal, exactly that deceitful business proprietor.”

        He was that shop owner who recognized the belt he received from grandmaster. He probably was a party member of both Grandmaster and his father. His father is probably also a Douluo though.


    • He inherited the silver grass from his mother, so she may not be too special.

      However, iirc, his innate whatchamacallit came from his grass spirit… I don’t remember it being mentioned that that part is hereditary, so who knows…


      • When they first meet, Grandmaster explains that the reason he could know Tang San had twin spirits was that no Blue Silver Grass could have innate full spirit power, and therefore he had to have a second, more powerful spirit.

        Ergo, the other spirit would be the reason Tang San had full innate spirit power. That is, if he didn’t practice Mysterious Heaven Skill. It’s quite possible he got innate full spirit power from cultivating Mysterious Heaven Skill, and *because* he had full innate spirit power, he awakened both spirits.


  1. “Although he lost to this grownup, he still managed to inflict minor injuries, the fighting potential and fighting will this child displayed, absolutely was a monster among monsters”
    In this line, Wuji talks about San’s strength, however, the sentence structure makes it sound much too confusing. It should be made clear who Wuji was talking about since, “Although |he| lost to this grownup, he still managed to inflict minor injuries,” makes it sound like Wuji was the young one who lost to San, the gownup.
    Maybe making |he| into |the boy| or something similar would be best.


  2. I like it how they don’t immediately reveal that Hao Tian is actually Tang San’s dad here in the novel as they did in the manhwa. On another note, thank you translator for the chapter good fun.

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  3. can the translator read the chapters before he finishes them some of it i have to think about what it means and some time i carnt even understand any of it its in English but its gibberish.


  4. Not too surprising to see Tang San’s dad Tang Hao pop up and beat the shit outta someone. I guess the death of his wife and his leaving the Spirit Master world caused such behavior before. Dat Hammer of his is the exact hammer Tang San has.
    I’d be curious to see him adding 100,000 year spirit rings to his hammer later when he gets up there in power.


  5. My Toughts and Explanation On Whats Known.

    “the black clad man slowly raised his right hand. Immediately, a black light condensed in his hand, transforming into a huge tool”

    Same Event Happened To Tang San When He Summoned His hammer (In 003?)

    “this Title Douluo before him clearly had a Tool Spirit, Tool Spirit cultivating to Title Douluo level were even fewer, in the end who was he?”

    Again Clearing The Suspicions

    “Lord Eminence, Hao Tian”

    Title Doulou As Mentioned Before:
    Spirit Masters That Reach 70th Rank Gains Fitting Titles, But, Seemingly Godlike Titles As Title Doulous

    Lord Eminence ~ Higher Being, This Case God As They Make Him Sound Like Hes About 2nd or 3rd Most Powerful Person (As They Mentioned The 100th Rank doultian & Someone Names Pope)

    Hao Tian ~ Im No Chinese, But, I Do know HAO Means Heaven Or Sky
    My Guess Would Be Something Like “God of The Heavens/Sky”


  6. There’s something that doesn’t feel right: Hao Tian should be Tang Hao, Tang San’s father right? His 9th spirit ring should be a full 100,000 year red spirit ring, as very explicitly said further on in the story, and without a doubt considering it’s origin. However in this chapter it’s said that ring is black with just a tinge of red, being 90,000 year spirit ring, was this a mistake in translation, or is this title douluo someone else, or am I missing some other major detail?


    • Hao Tian means ‘Clear Sky’, so what they were doing was formally greeting the Clear Sky Douluo, which is Tang Hao’s title as Title Douluo, so it’s definitely Tang San’s father. I don’t know if it’s a mistake in translation since I didn’t see the texts and my Chinese is like mud-level, but if it is as is said here then there is a chance of a continuity error


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