Douluo Dalu – 022 – Four Eyed Owl Flender

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21 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 022 – Four Eyed Owl Flender

  1. thanks, I appreciate the effort. Seriously though, your grammar, sentence structure and use of colloquial words are astoundingly bad, it makes it look like you just typed this in google translate.

    Or maybe this is not your fault since there is no editor for this series.

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    • Umm…nope,I think that’s just normal…
      It’s translated from Chinese after all…
      Actually…I think the translator is aready doing a good job,accurate (at least understandable) translations are really difficult even if you’re taking a week but he/she ‘s doing it in a few days!


    • Chinese grammar is a bit different than english, even though they do have similar word placements. The language itself is really complex in not just needing to memorize all those words, but cultural and social contexts that can twist words meaning one thing into something else. It’s one of the reasons why it’s classified as an extremely difficult language.


      • Bro if your complaining about the grammar then dont read it! The translator is already doing a good jod his translating this LN on his own plus his releasing them almost every 3-5days I cant ask for more than that if there were other people helping him he’d be releasing every 2 days .but if it makes you feel better the translator said he’ll be doing the chapters at some point over again making his time translating the chapter longer because of assholes who cant get over a few grammar mistakes every chapter


        • The anon above you wasn’t complaining about grammar?

          Also I don’t actually feel it’s a bad thing to go back over one’s work and improve upon it, to reflect on what one has done in the past to a degree and correct any issues they had with it. Firstly it’s a learning curve. Going back over one’s work and ensuring that it’s accurate, easily readable and is easy to understand helps one improve on mistakes they had made, both previously and in the future. This is true for many things, whether it’s gaming, writing, drawing, programming, mathematics, history or literally almost anything you can redo, going back over what you have done before and building upon it helps to make one better at it.

          Secondly, I think I speak for many people in saying that it would be better to wait for a proper, legible translation than to read one which may not be easily understood and is difficult to read. I am appreciative of what he is doing in his free time however, as the audience I would rather read something which has been properly adapted. If you’re in such a rush there are machine translations out there however I would rather see quality rather than look towards chapters where almost every sentence is littered with phrasing and grammatical issues.

          I appreciate well written sentences and paragraph and I love the English language, especially in terms of its written form. I also enjoy reading works that other nations have produced as ultimately, creativity and culture are two things which often play a part in how any piece is written. As such, I think it grand that the translator is going back and improving upon his translation as I would enjoy seeing the author’s voice more clearly and in a way which is more easily understood. It isn’t a bad thing at all outside of those assholes who feel the need to always rush people to generate more chapters for them without understanding how difficult it is to produce quality material which, oddly enough, seems to include you if your complaints about how much longer its going to take to go over his previous work.

          I myself, appreciate how hard it is which is why I don’t complain about the grammar however, I’m not about to complain about lacking new chapters due to the fact that he’s going back over previous works, unlike said assholes including yourself, rather I feel the fact that he is doing so to be something grand.

          It will also be very much like such an asshole to go over this comment and type TL;DR or to complain about the size of it. That’s fine as I don’t honestly care for the opinions of those who can’t even be bothered to read a comment’s content due to its size. I won’t say that it doesn’t annoy me but I will say that I’ll deal with it and get over it quickly enough. I typed this out mainly to satisfy myself by voicing my thoughts after all and thus other people’s opinions were not the main focus.

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  2. *Shocked* Ning Rongrong actually say “I your mother also has two generous buns. Eat your size.”
    I knew she wasn’t just a simple girl but to actually has a skill that say that really surprised me.

    Lol she the mother of buns while Oscar the father of sausages.

    Thank for the chapter.


  3. Lmfao….Rongrong’s answer was simply amazing. And the evil phoenix though. This group is full of playboys with weird ass powers and strange abilities and personalities. So good. Yes even the girls are play boys or playing boys at some point haha. Ah man then the leader of the Seven colored Tile pagoda school being happy she is gone xD.


  4. HaHa I Love These Chants,

    Just thinking Of Tangs?
    “I Your Brother has A really Large Bush, Dont get Lost”

    I Love the Translator For Having The “Sausage & Buns” To Include It All, Pun Intended


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