Douluo Dalu – 023 – She-Devil’s True Colors

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13 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 023 – She-Devil’s True Colors

  1. “Her nature isn’t bad”

    So she’s an over all good person, but she’s to spoilt for her own good… so someone you’d not mind for a friend, but not a person you want to fight with…


  2. Hm Hm. The spirit arena reminds me of the Tower of Heaven or whatever it was called in Hunter x Hunter. Such a fun sounding place.


  3. Love The Translations, Thanks!

    Even In the Heated Situation She seemed To See Reason,
    This May be A Monsters Way Of Doing some Attitude Adjustments.

    The Love In Flenders Words: Strict, Caring Yet Worm.

    Loving Father Figure For Most, Of that Im Sure


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