080 – Mystery Of Twin Spirits

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38 thoughts on “080 – Mystery Of Twin Spirits

  1. If blue silver grass reach title douluo,nine:hundred thousand spirit rings on the hammer is possible isn’t??? Holy crap…..an asura


  2. Ooooooohhhh!!!! His gonna be scary in the future. So STRONG!!! His name Thousand Hands Asura really is appropriate! 😀

    Thank you for the two chapter! Eheheheheh…..


  3. Would he be able to add many spirit rings to the hammer at the same time in the future according go his current ranks or does he need train from the bottom again?


    • What master is implying is… If he finishes cultivating the blue silver grass to title duoluo, he still has his spirit power, so he can add the highest rings to the hammer… making it a terrifying spirit with a full set of the strongest rings.


      • I think what Mlun Kipz was asking was closer to once reaching Title Duolou, is Tang San able to simply add 9 spirit rings all at once, or does he keep advancing ranks until he qualifies for spirit rings again? Grandmaster kind of made it seem like it would be simple to add rings at that point, but ranks get harder and harder to gain.
        Curious to see how all that works.
        Poor Xiao Wu, Think about all the ancient spirit beasts Tang San is going to kill..


  4. woahhh, i guessed right! ^w^ like most of you guys i’m sure hehe

    in my imagination however, Tang San will be so bad@ass that he will cultivate Blue Silver Grass to 90th rank then Clear Sky Hammer to 100th rank with 9 black spirit rings and 1 red spirit ring! then he will have 1000 pure black grass strands(grass so hard its like adamantium) holding 1000 giant Clear Sky Hammers covered in black flames(using mass increase ability, a replica ability, and black inextinguishable flames ability) thus Thousand Hands Doulou! ^__^v …oh and his external spirit bone will evolve into an extremely durable dark violet colored fullbody armor that has wings and is extremely poisonous to the touch!

    huehuehue too OP!! and yep im bored haha >w<


    • Er..really sorry to spoil your fantasy but it’s impossible to have two of his spirits out at the same time…like Grandmaster said.And each spirt can only hold 9 rings…thus,it’s impossible for Tang San to have 10 spirt rings on Clear Sky Hammer.Also…it’s not that he cultivate his spirit but his spirit power…And because he has two spirits,for him to have 9 spirit rings on each of his spirit,he needs to have at least a spirit rank of 180…Goddammit,what the hell have you been reading?!


      • Does he actually have to get to sprit rank 180? Grandmaster didn’t really make it clear as he made it seem like it wouldn’t be hard to add spirit rings after he finished with his blue silver grass. It gets harder and harder to increase in rank as you get higher, 180 is a bit crazy to think about achieving.


      • question right back at you! ^w^ hehe, what have you been reading! >w< Tang San doesn't need to reach rank 180.. he can actually put 4 rings to the hammer right now as well(rank 40 Tang San).. Grandmaster even said Tang San just needed to be at least rank 60, then start adding purely ten-thousand year spirit ring to the Clear Sky Hammer(at rank 60, add six "black" spirit rings to the hammer get it?)

        then i said 10 spirit ring on the Clear Sky Hammer, because i seem to remember that the reason they say that you can only have 9 rings on your spirit is that no one in history was able to surpass the bottleneck to reach rank 100. why couldn't it be Tang San? i mean, he's OP and MC? haha ^w^

        as for my crazy imagination on using two spirits, can't a guy dream!?! huhuhu T____T you break my fragile heart


  5. i think he should cultivate thru smithing and not sitting in a room with his legs crossed, the heat of a forge and continously hitting ore/bar should be the best to train his clear sky hammer environment +he trains his body


    • i think the reason he cultivates through meditation right now is because, at the same time, he is also continuously assimilating the fire and ice immortal treasure herb essences inside his body ^__^ maybe once he finishes that he will return to smithing

      maybe that smithing technique taught to him by his dad is actually a pre-requisite in learning a finishing move too! something like “Clear Sky(Boundless Heaven -soundsbetter hehe) Hammer Dance” haha ^w^ what do you think?


  6. Ho-ly SHIT!
    Hands down best web novel out there in terms of the MC being OP. But the best part is, this one does it in such a way that it makes sense and is very believable, unlike some others I might mention where the MC just gets lucky and BAM he’s an OP killing machine suddenly. This one is much more satisfying.


  7. Thanks for the new chapter!
    Wow, after reading the explanation from Grandmaster, Tan San has the ability to become the most strongest person in the history.


  8. Actuallly i don’t think his father would completely agree with grandmaster. He basicly knows nothing about tang’s mother but still makes assumptions about the strengh of his Spirit… So that reasoning is completely based on an assumption.
    What we really know is: father became a drunkard, mother is dead, father killed 2 title doulo at the Same Time San was born and the father went missing.
    –> so basicly the mother was likely killed by those 2 direcly after childbirth, meaning she Must be powerful because 2 doulo where after her( how is such a Spirit weak?), that somehow triggered hao to become a doulo killing them.

    So i think it’s more likely that it would be livethreathing for Tang San to reveal his hammer.


    • What the hell are you reading?!Are you guys trying to get me high blood pressure from all this?!
      1.Nobody,absolutely nobody,said he killed them.He just defeated them.Or else why would their symbols still be on the Whatever Tile?(w)
      2.I think it is stated that Tang San’s mother died from giving birth to Tang San.
      3.Even if they were after her,it could be because she was Tang Hao’s wife.
      4.If she was really killed by them,I think Tang Hao wouldn’t stop at killing them but also directly destroy the spirit hall,considering he loved his wife enough to throw away all his status and become a depressed drunk after she died.
      …5.Naturally,because people know he just became a Douluo,and(Specially emphasizing on the and)defeated them,it means that he became a Duoluo,it was somehow announced,and defeated the two of them.
      6.Obviously,it’s more life threatening if he reveals his Hammer!That’s what Grandmaster just said!

      Refuting all this,I may have gotten a faint idea of what happened.
      Tang Hao fell in love with Tang San’s mother,and made a bet with his brother after attaining Title Duoluo.He defeated C (short form) and Erm…..the other one.Won the bet and married his wife.The rest just goes as you know it…That doesn’t explain what he went to get back though…or maybe his wife isn’t dead,was kidnapped by his brother and he’s now getting her back?(Unlikely though)


  9. If tang san really become a formidable exstence ,i wonder what he gonna do. Form his own clan….tang sect or what


  10. Thx 4 the awesome read. But Im hella curious. What/who the heck is xiao wu? she seems too mysterious and not much have said bout her.


  11. Lol in the future, everyone would have to be to him, even the greatest of the Doulous. Goddamn that truly is terrifying.


  12. Just wondering, why did you use “not insignificantly” a lot in your translations, instead of just “significantly” ? Is it intentional?


  13. Why does he keep asking about that hammer thing. It’s been explained like 5 times now by everyone that he asked that if he waits, he will get all sorts of awesome rings.


  14. Thanks For The Translation, Very Easy To udnerstand GrandMaster as The Info Just now Is Really Important
    So il Summerize Some Of It To Make It Easy To Understand

    Actually Its Actually More Complicated Then Most People Belive
    To Adding Rings:

    *Adding Rings Increases The Bodies Attributes,
    Not Just spirit power of The Person and Spirit;
    Strength, Agility, Intelligence, etc
    The Body Has a Max Limit! To Each of These

    * Even Thought His Gras, May, reach 90th Rank
    Adding Rings, Will Stress These Attributes Further
    As They Are Added To The Body

    *The Rings Limit His Spirit Power Of The Used Spirit
    If He Has Spirit Power Rank 39, But, Only Has 2 Rings (29)
    His Power Wont Increase To 39 until He Has His 3rd Ring
    Even If He Has Grass 90th, 9 Rings
    Hes Hammer Is Limited To Rank 9
    Because It Has No Rings, Yet
    Only Adding A 2nd Ring Makes It Fly To 29

    *This Sudden Flight In Power Rank Like Fengzhu said
    Is Harm Ful As it Needs To Be Somewhat ” Smooth ”
    Addign to powerful Rings in Succesion May Rip His Body APart

    *Even If The Grass Is 90th Rank
    Having The Grass Expanding The Spirit Power,
    Wont Strengthening The Hammer
    Grass 90th, 9 Rings And Hammer 9Th, 0 Rings
    Using Hammer Hes 9th, Summoning The Grass Hes 90th
    They Wont Bind to 99Th

    *Even thought His Spirit Power Allows More Rings, Due, To Grass 90th
    Adding All Rings At Once To The Hammer Will Stress His Body To Much
    He Has To Add One At A Time,
    He Also Has To Train His Body To Lower The Stress Further, Betwen The Rings

    *Adding Wrong Rings To The Hammer, MAY, Conflict With The Rings Of His Grass While Switching Spirits,
    Power And Attributes Could Rip His Body And Mentality Apart Accoring To His Max Limits Of Each Attribute

    There Are More Ground Rules Spoken By GrandMaster
    These Are The Most Frightning And Most Basic Rules Spoken Of

    Hope This Clears Some Peoples Thoughts/Questions

    ( Ps: I Am Swedish So My Grammer And Spelling Might Be Off , But, The Structure Should Make Up For It )


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