37 thoughts on “085 – Fragrance Attracting Spirit Beasts

  1. Thanks for the chapter. I guess because you are busy nowadays so the pace really slow back, Well, we will still get new chapters once in a while then it still good.


  2. I wonder if she’ll get that doppelganger ability?

    Also looking forward to everyone else’s abilities. Though I do wonder if they’ll bother to describe the various battles to acquire them.

    This spirit power limitation on Rongrong seems to be a new thing, she’s been supporting the entire team (and occasionally Zhao Wuji) all the way up until now without it being brought up. I guess the author decided to nerf her.


    • Well Supporting Wuji Alone Might not be A Problem Remember,
      Both Flender And Liu Are Both Higher Then Wuji

      Supporting 3 Would Easly Be More Taxing Then Just Supporting 1 So Yupp
      Instant Drain, Yea Good luck Missy . . . Aouch !

      Thanks For The Translation


  3. Thank you very much for the chapter!
    I’ve read from chapter one to 85 in 2-3days and it’s been worth every second spent on it!
    Looking forward to the next one, where the teachers probabyl is going to be really OP with the Flying God Claw… 🙂


  4. Well i’m surprised that xiao wu made a move and contributed to the killing of a spirit beast. I really thought she cares for them so much. Also, i really like tang san’s way of thinking. His plans and ideas are very awesome.

    Thank you very much for translating. 😄


  5. In midair, the Phanttom Tiger shadow paused before that sharp Hell Decapitation

    This line has a spelling mistake.


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  7. So, a question, if Oscar had Rongrong eat his…pink sausage, would that mean her effects with the Nine-Pagoda Tower would increase by 10% as well?


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