103 – Seven Fusion Ability

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  1. I dunno why but I’ve been strangely grinning while reading these recent chapters! my brother thinks I’m going crazy! am I crazy?? *grin*
    Thx for the lightning fast translations! 😀


  2. Tang San reducing opponents into salivating retards, and Yun Che from Against the Gods slitting the tendons on the arms and legs of his enemy for vengeance, slicing his eyes apart, slicing his ears, removing his tongue, slicing his stomach so he can’t even shit properly, removing his manhood so he can’t procreate and leaving him alive despite all of that for that added “no mercy”, making his father go insane at the sight. And this is just the start.
    These days are good days for reading novels.

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  3. What was it again? Oh, right. Thank ye all translators and thank ye all editors for providing us with such impeccable services.
    Your work is appreciated.

    Don’t expect too many thanks, lest you become spoiled.
    Carry on.


    • Waaa i’m still excited from this, hehe came back again to comnent! I really appreacte your work. Thank you Bagelson. Stay safe!


  4. Tang San sighed lightly, indifferently saying:
    “The naive ones should be you. Do you believe such a simple illusion can trap us? Compared to Shi Nian’s Nightmare, your seven fusion ability is still quite lacking.”

    First he pretty much tells them he killed Shi Nian and then hes worried they might have found out he killed him? How can he be called intelligent?


    • I think there’s bad wording here. His wording wasn’t a complete admittance but rather an implied possibility that can’t be proven,
      and he already planned to mentally cripple them so the worry about him being found out [if not found out, then assumed to be the perp due to anger] may have been him putting out the reasoning for why he should cripple them.
      It flows weirdly.


      • My interpretation is that he figured there was a high chance they would figure out he was related to Shi Nian’s disappearance once he revealed he was immune to illusions, so he might as well taunt them since he’d have to vegetabilize them anyway.


      • @coochnoodle:

        Im Getting So Tierd Of How Easily People Of To Day, Uses The Word Retard So Lossely. Especially On The ” WEB ” As So Many Has It, One Should At Least Think Before Writing

        Perhaps You Should Go Take A ~ *Long ~ Read About The Word ” Retard “,
        Seeing As You Like Reading So Much, Then Come Back

        Retard Is Not Same As A Mental Disorder

        @ Bagleson

        Thanks For The Translation, Keep Them Comming

        Seeing How You At Least Used Proper Words, (According To What Happened)
        May Be You Should Become A Teacher *Smily Face

        Cheers Mate !

        Take Care Everyone & Of Each Other

        I Was Not Frustrated As That Is Easily
        The Most Common Notion, While Reading On The WEB.
        It Was Just Constructive Criticism, Nothing More.


        • Nah, retardation isn’t the same as a mental disorder, it is a subset of it relating to the lowered speed of processing within the brain on a noticeable level that inhibits normal life function.
          As far as your reply goes, i think you need psychological help as much as you need literary help.
          Two can play this game.


    • When he said

      “You’re his students, want to find him? I won’t give you the chance. Don’t worry, I’ll go easy. I’ll leave you alive. That’s why you won’t see him.”

      is when he told them he killed him.


    • He tells them because he pretty much knows that they’re gonna be vegetables later on after the battle anyway.


  5. Bagelson while most of us are grateful and happy, please slow down a little if you’re doing it to pay back your missed chapters on the exam week because we don’t want you to burned out and make it worst for us… we also already understand the reason why you missed those chapters because all of us here also experienced the torture called exams… so from a random fan I ADVICE you to slow down a little we don’t want you to get sick just because of our greed.


    • He had to leave the series for a judges seat on X-factor: Douluo continent 🙂
      though I have to admit it was wierd how he just vanished from the story.. though he had nothing to contribute towards training when compared to grandmaster it still feels a little wierd.


    • and what if they wanted vengence for their teacher in the future? Tang San can handle it but he can’t stay close to his friends forever.. besides the tang sect principle was to kill your enemies and show mercy to the rest 🙂

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      • It was mostly just that they had the wrong instructor. If Shi Nian didn’t try to kill Tang San, even more so if he didn’t use that disturbing illusion, I think Tang San would have been a little lenient. After all, the previous two of the 5 elemental academies could be troublesome later without Tang San, but he didn’t feel the need to destroy their careers.


  6. I generally just lurk but… thanks a log Bagelson. This is perhaps my favourite Web Novel right now. Somehow the characters/progression is just much more believable/interesting than a lot of other “reincarnation/rebirth” novels. Take Mushoku Tensei for example… I really do not understand the appeal of that particular work.


    • I liked mushoku tensei. But somewhere along the lines it felt rushed with no real progress (more with the MC than anyone).


  7. Vegetablevegetablevegetablevegetablevegetablevegetablevegetablevegetablevegetablevegetablevegetable… wow I just realised that Tang San is a vegetarian..


      • GH0S7, With An Disgusted Expression,
        Inwardly ” Throwing Up ” Said With Great Difficulty:

        ” I Dont Think Tang Would Even Come Close To,
        Letting Them Near His Mouth.

        If That Really Was The Case,
        Even If His Life Depended On It.

        You Can Pretty Much Trust Me, On That ”

        Joke Put Together With Both,
        Yos@ & treitz13, Comments


  8. Thanks for the chapters. The translation of this story doesn’t read like anything else I’ve read, and I love that about it.

    Please keep up the good work.


  9. thnks for the upload.What am i going to do with sir bagelson?everytime i think this is it,u surprise me again


  10. Tang san has that personality of while he may seem kind and gentle on the surface, if you piss him off he will end you. Blame it on the teachings of the tang sect for their way of bringing up students. Also, Im not sure whose crazier flender, or Liu Erlong.. and I know its late but I nearly died laughing while back when liu erlong was slamming the scorpion by its tail back and forth actually that chapter had me laughing for days.


    • Well, he IS a calm person who normally doesn’t act out of emotion. In his old life probably didn’t have anything to emotionally act out on. Now he has Xiao Wu who he cares for more than his own life or anyone else’s for that matter. Shi Nian showed Tang San his greatest fear which was ANYTHING happening to Xiao Wu. I think Tang San also now has an extreme dislike of illusion type abilities.


      • Just Like You Said

        This Sensation Of Wanting To Protect The Ones He Loves, Is So New To Him.
        Hes Just like A Child, And Thus, He Wont Always Know What To Do In Given Situations.

        Just Like, A Few:

        ” The Giant Ape Incident ”
        ” Team Fight Poison Incident ”
        ” Man Faced Spider Stab incident ”
        ” Nightmare Incident”

        He Lost It, Blood Eyes Filled With Raving Madness,
        This Condition Is Obviously The Cause Of The Insecurity

        As The Principles Of The Tang Sect, Is Used As They Were Suppose To.
        Morale Laws Of Ones Mind & Personality, Never To Be Broken.

        This, Blood Eye State, Leaves Him To Relay on These Rules (Principles)
        To Fall Back On, Thus Again, Killing And Homing In On One Goal No Matter What.

        Side Note: (Legends)
        Great Legends Deems This As Both

        ” The Strongest Circulation Technique ” As A Fulfilled Technique
        While Others Say It Is Just
        ” The Circulation Letting Lossing ” As A Failed Technique

        Again we Will have To See, Can Not Wait Tho


  11. since i always just thank you for the hard work i wanted to give you a word of praise this time.
    I think you have become quite rhetorical eloquent with the translation compared to the beginning !
    The overall quality is on a level with published work of english speaking authors which is actually brilliant considering you’re not a native speaker (It is just a guess based on a reddit post).
    So again thank you and enjoy your Weekend (:


  12. >”You don’t need to look at us like that. That wasn’t a seven spirit fusion ability.”

    I don’t know why, but for some reason I really liked that line…

    My thanks to you, Bagelson.


  13. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like the cruelness of the fight. Kinda gives me the same chills i get while watching horror movies…


  14. S.S. Stronger than SupermanTheLivingTribunalDarksideGalactusandTheRedLanternCorpsputtogether says:

    thanks for the new chapter that was a good one


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