Douluo Dalu – 122 – Star Luo Imperial Academy Team

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  1. I wish bagelson held off on releasing so many chapters last time and release it right now, I mean they were good and all but they weren’t that suspenseful, the juicy part is here now there.


  2. Thank you, I feel like a meth addict who’s finally getting his next fix…..thank you so much for posting the new chapter.


    Seriously this chapter should’ve been titled ‘Cat Fight’. LOL
    I mean, c’mon, it LITERALLY IS a cat fight. XD

    Ty 4 d Chapter btw! :p

    Superb cliffhanger we have here. Dealt a lot if damage to me…(I facepalm’d so hard, it hurts) :v

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  4. I don’t think they ment to post this yet it’s only part 1 instead of parts 1-3 or 4 or how many there are


    • He was just holding Tang San and became forgettable quick… and I think when they meant “Elite Tournament” they were talking about after the 1st round with lots of different academies that the Elephant School was a part of….


      • I agree, it was only the second battle in the qualifiers after all, even though they made a huge scene with “Blitz!” against Heaven Dou Empire’s second team, I don’t think the major players were actually paying attention yet. And like DMR mentioned, all he did was hang on to Tang San feeding him sausages, although without him the battle would have been lost, but his role probably looked minor to most spectators.


    • I think they weren’t counting the prelims…. so Elephant battle didn’t seem to count fer anything but to get them through…. the one vs one battles were the real start of the continental tournament…. since it was the actual continent that got to join in…. both empires…..


  5. Them wondering Tang San’s age just had me giggling like mad hahahaa…. my only regret is that he isn’t any younger… it’d been cool if he were 12… then they’d all kill themselves hahahaahah

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  6. Plenty of thanks and credit to the translators for pushing these chapters out must say that this writer is amazing though. My goodness I feel like I’m reading a Chinese version of game of thrones without all the sex though. The way he gives details that allows you to clearly see his thoughts and the cliff hangers from chapters that has you yearning for more is amazing!! Lol nerd moment but is he had spirit abilities he’d be in the control class lol

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  7. dont mean to be a dick, but you need to release the chapter like right now, thank you for this chapter and all the others but seriously start working your ass off


  8. “Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, fourth spirit ability, Paragon Golden Body[3], launched.
    To Xiao Wu, there was no spirit ability that suited her better than this.”

    LOL, no kidding with her cheat method of getting rings. Still so curious how she “obtains” them.

    Thanks so much for the chapter! 🙂


    • i have a rough idea since it first happened. and after reading the start of doulou dalu2 i am more convinced i am right.

      now it is simply a matter of how many more chapters until it becomes known :S


  9. Thanks a lot for the new chapters, waiting for part 3

    I hope Xiao Wu got some “i dont give a s**t about any kind or spirit protection layer” new ability


  10. Thanks for the chapter♫

    I see that finally douluo dali joined the group of TL hangers..

    Sigh reading novel is not good for health with all those chapter hanging endings..


    • He did but I think that the crowd here is full of people from the other kingdom, most of these guys were probably watching their own kingdoms tournaments (this is just a guess though). At least I think this is the case because Star Lou academy wasn’t talked about at all in the other tournament even though the author specifically named a lot of other minor academies that probably wont come up again in the story.

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    • I think it’s referring to the one on one matches they just finished and not the preliminaries. I reread that part cause I was confused as well, and I think that’s what the author is saying.


    • Read the passage carefully. The author speaks specifically of the Kingdom tournament, and Oscar never appeared there. He appeared before then in the Heaven Duo City Qualifier tournament, when he was still in his 30’s, not having 4 rings or his berserker sausage.
      So, yeah, suddenly he’s in his 40’s and one of the big 7.


      • nah man Oscar was lv 40 at least because he had already absorbed the pink scorpion spirit when shrek was group hunting for spirit rings in poison duolous forest right before the qualifiers began


        • I think the author just missed. Oscar really was above lv 40 when they fight against the Armored Elephant Academy (second fight). He was carried on Tang San’s back all the time, but he fought and used a lot of skills.

          This series is very good, we can forget errors like these.

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    • “since the start of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament until now”

      I’m guessing that the “since the start of” means since the very early part of the tournament.


    • Most of these schools wouldn’t have seen him since that was only their second match. And most of the eyes were on Tang San at that point because everybody was still astonished by his black spirit ring.


    • Lol I know right,i still remember when gm revealed Tang San’s age to his nephew Yu TianHeng he was staggering and thinking Tang San was monsterover and over again until his teammates can lol


      • it hasn’t SAID he’s given it to anybody. They have not mentioned it at all. I just doubt it won’t be used considering they are going to have to have 4 level 40s and 3 level 50s spirit masters. they are going to need all the help they can get. Also, he wants to help his team, he already can get money by selling his weapons to the Seven treasure glazed school.


          • Nah. The Tang San loves all devils equally. Have you not been read the Douluo Dalu Scriptures. Sort of not a spoiler but he ends up putting the spirit bone to good use. The reason he hasn’t given it to anyone is because of the timing (so many fights) and his promise not to tell anyone by grand master. If he gave it to someone they would still have to adjust to it like his spider legs took him time to adjust to do it wouldn’t necessarily help out in the fight


    • he didn’t that kind of spirit bone wouldn’t suit them either support type characters with spriit bones that aren’t attack or defensive wouldn’t really be of much help to their survival


      • But when Tang got his it both raised his spirit power and served to enhance his abilities. Every little bit helps.


  11. They’re so scared of that black ring… I really hope they hurt Xiao Wu… These pricks need to learn just how horrifying ‘Thousand Hands Asura’ can be.


    • Truthfully, i hope that Thousand Hands Asura doesn’t come out until the final three matches. As well as his spirit bone. After all, we don’t need everyone to die from shock with everything being revealed right away in the beginning of the final tournament, do we? XD


      • The author has taken some suspense away from who will be fighting in the finals 2 of the top 3 seeded teams will be eliminated in this round already and i’m almost certain that it won’t be the team from spirit hall. I do hope that the author goes into some detail about that fight. i doubt it since he is not big on giving away major spoilers of opponents too early.


      • Was shocking your opponents to dead by revealing his age, spirt rings, fire-ice-poison-illusion-resistance, spirit bone, twin spirits, pedigree and his father name made Shrek disqualified?


  12. Oh Please Oh Please release the next chapter asap. If donations are required please point me in the correct direction :D:D:D:D


  13. “More than four years younger than her, but strength not inferior in any respect. These people, were they actually monsters?”

    You know, if it weren’t for the Mythical plants, these kids wouldn’t have been as great… Huo Wu would have been a Shrek Monster too probably if she tried to join.. her actual talent probably doesn’t lose to them in general…

    Only Tang San and Xiao Wu would beat her in talent… and Tang San has unique knowledge that normal people don’t speeding up his power increase…

    So the Flame Dance is only truly surpassed in talent by the Little Dance…. and the Little Dance can make her own spirit rings, so she’s in the cheat zone…..

    I feel sorry for Huo Wu; She is probably one of the top talents shown in the series, and because of what could be considered drug use, she’s being surpassed.

    Drugs > than Talent….

    Though to be fair, our little druggies already had talent….


      • I don’t think so… I mean, in this world, only strength matters, not how it’s gotten…

        But she’s now put in a position where people that are probably less talented than her seem more talented… just sucks for her….

        It’d be nice for her to know that she isn’t inferior to them as a talent… but she won’t… cause it’d be less awesome for us readers….

        But it sucks for her….

        She’s one of the most talented, yet she seems so behind by talent when she isn’t… just sad…


        • Well, she really is behind in talent. Consider that Xiao Wu’s managed to break through 40 without drugs, and the others probably wouldn’t be far behind. They might have gained a couple of years at this point, but they’d still be a couple of years ahead of Huo Wu.


          • Xiao Wu is a different case, she improves unnaturally fast, and creates her own spirit rings.

            The others would probably reach the 40th rank by the time they are 18 or 19 if it wasn’t for the drugs…. it was like they got a 5-6 year boost (it was noted as way too unnatural)…

            Xiao Wu was actually quite ahead of them actually….. even Tang San, by his talent should have been around the 44th rank by the time he reached age 23-24…

            Tang had help from drugs, Dugu Bo’s pill, and a special type of cultivation that shouldn’t exist yet.

            Oscar shouldn’t have reached the 40th rank for a while either.

            So with the exception of Xiao Wu, Huo Wu seems to have had the most natural talent.

            Now, I do believe that they should get the help they can get and it’d be dumb to not use the flowers… but right now, they are boosted by a lot and got many years worth of power.


            • What do you mean by “a cultivation that shouldnt exist yet” ? The whole this is Tang San`s same world but in the past thingy ?

              Dont forget that Huo Wu is from a filthy rich family and probably raised as a princess in the best ambient possible. Possibly being trained by genius (or at least great teachers) her whole life, and also having mimicry environment.

              Only Ning Rongrong background could compete (as in not only being from a good family but being loved/prioritized by it), but she was just too lazy to train.

              It`s very unlikely that Tang San would need to wait until being 23-24 until being 44th ranked, as far as I remember he didnt get that much cultivation boost from the three immortal treasuries he ate (he got powers =p).

              Dont forget that Tang San, Xiao Wu and Oscar are all innate full talent (or whatever the name is). And if the old freak gem by itself would be that great of a boost, his granddaughter would be at least a Spirit King by now…

              I agree with Bagelson that what they gained was a couple of years (of really motivated cultivation like Oscar`s), and except Oscar, what was great for most wasnt only the cultivation boost but the other boosts (evil fire purification, tiger arms, bones/muscle remodel, 9 petals).

              Oscar didnt get any other boost because food spirit masters cultivate mightly slow, and he would be left behind the others, so Tang San gave him this treasury that would help cultivate untill 60 or 70 (dont remember which).

              And whats up with translating the surname of Xiao Wu and Hao Wu ? They are “common” surnames and shouldnt be translated, imagine reading ATG and thinking everyone from the Xiao clan/sect is called little “something”.


              • The translation was just nicknaming them… what’s wrong with that? I’m not actually translating the story, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

                And it was actually stated in chapter 117 that Tang San would have been the same level of talent as Feng Xiaotian.

                And by cultivation method that shouldn’t exist, I meant how it was a superior form of cultivation that didn’t exist in this new world. And the gem was still a good boost added on with Tang San’s superior cultivation technique.

                Rongrong was lazy, but she did properly train. Her main weakness was that she wouldn’t train her techniques (which was more important than a few ranks).

                You just said that the plant gave years to them for cultivation. Well, remember, Huo Wu is only years ahead.


            • I think Feng Xiaotian is probably more talented than Huo Wu. He created an ability similar in nature to the Disorder Splitting Wind tech, he has over 40th ranked spirit power under age 25, and it said somewhere that he only loses to Huo Wu because he has a crush on her and doesn’t want to fight her seriously.

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              • He is also about 5 years older than her, yet their ranks are almost the same (Huo Wu is actually a little ahead). She also has the ability to combine rings.


            • Tang san didn’t get any rank boost from taking the 2 flowers, As for ‘a cultivation that shouldnt exist yet’ what do you mean by that ?

              At the start Tang san was training following his otherwoldly sect method but after encountering GM he started using GM cultivation method. Which as much GM is a genius it’s not enough to be considered ‘a cultivation that shouldnt exist yet’

              Or do you mean when he link himself with all blue grass in the surrounding ? As far as i recall, It’s something he got by himself and not from outside mean which then can be counted as his talent.

              As for saying they got 5-6 years of boost it’s a little too much. Didn’t their rank gain range from +3 to +5 ? Before they took the flower they were gaining rank in few/some month, not year. I’ll say nothing of Dugu Pill since i don’t remember too much this part. But i’m pretty sure during the 6 month he stayed there, his rank didn’t get such a huge boost or at the very least it was comparable to his fellow monster.


              • I’m talking about the Tang Sect cultivation.

                Also, you got to remember that the higher the level, the longer it takes to cultivate. Dai Mubai took YEARs just to go up 3 levels and would have taken a lot longer to reach the 40th rank.

                And Tang San had the biggest boost among the Shrek Devils in the months he was away.

                The boost they got was in the years, and the majority devils probably would have reached their level in their early 20’s (which, is actually supposed to be monstrous and freak worthy).

                It doesn’t seem as impressive because of how Tang San and Xiao Wu grow, and the rest of the devils being drug boosted.


          • Even the drug part is negotiable. Considering the hand to mouth consumption of those natural treasures (they are not crafted compounds) and the lack of regulations about them, it would might as well be healthy eating. In another sense they could be considered as another external/internal spirit bone.


        • for me if you consider shrek teams ages I dont think huo wu is more talented than them. Given and taken if shrek team has the same amount of time use as Huo Wu looking at the speed they are all progressing even before they have taken the drugs, shrek team would have surpassed her by at least 3-5 levels. It just so happens that druglord dugo bo’s drugs supply was raided by tang san


          • They still had years boost. And you got to take into account that normal cultivation gets longer the higher your level is.

            They would have been around 19+ before they reached the 40th rank, Oscar and Rongrong especially (though to be fair, they are auxiliary).

            In months, the drugs gave the devils a boost of years.


              • You realize that isn’t how it works, right? 1st, they didn’t improve a rank every 2 months and you aren’t factoring in how each level gets harder and harder to improve on.

                Dai Mubai took over 5 years to reach the 40th rank after getting his 3rd spirit ring.

                And he got his ring at a younger age than most of these guys. So he was actually improving at a faster rate than all of them except Tang San and Xiao Wu.

                Each rank gets harder and harder, especially after the 30th rank (which is an important point for Spirit Masters).

                The others were at Shrek for 1 years and barely passed the 30th rank. Rongrong took 1 year for 3 ranks and it would have been even longer for her to increase it father past the 30th rank.

                Look at Tang San during the periods of his fastest growths. It took him 6+ years to gain 16 ranks with cultivation being faster than the other devils…. added to the fact that this was the fastest period of growth.

                So even in his fastest period of Growth, Tang San didn’t improve at a rate of 2 months per level.

                If it really took only 2 months per level at the 30th rank, they they would have all reached the 30th rank WAY faster.

                Based on the little devils talent, with the exception of Xiao Wu, the others should break the 40th rank around the ages of 18-20.

                For our 2 feline devils, both of their siblings should have comparable talent, yet are only about 2 levels ahead, yet many years older.

                That is how much of a difference the plants made.

                Tang San’s natural talent (as stated by the author) would have had him reach somewhere around the 44th rank by the time he’s 24.

                Dai Mubai should reach the 48th rank in his 20’s and his talent is probably comparable with Huo Wu’s.

                Zhu should also be in the 40th rank in her 20s….. the author shows us how far the drugs took these characters (or told us) and how far Tang San’s mysterious heaven skill and outside factors helped him.

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              • I wasn’t talking about the levels they reached, but what levels they would have reached if it wasn’t for outside influences. Things that boosted their spirit powers by YEARS.

                My point wasn’t how strong they get, but how many boosts they were given and blessed with.

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            • lolwhat dmr are missing a lot of important points
              1) Dai Mubai was training in worst possible enviroment with worst possible food, but with reasonably good teachers, who were investing in his future by building his foundation at the expence of his current cultivation
              2) Tang San boost wasn’t big – half year of poison’s buff + good environment, wealthy children have way more advantages
              3) “In months, the drugs gave the devils a boost of years.” – Actually no, not at all, the plants will give them boost of years in total to the moment when they will be fully digested. For example for Oscar full “boost of yeas” will be accumulated around his 70s ranks.
              4) Tangs and wind capitan were compared only in initial talent, not including effort/skill/knowledge/wealth/parents/spirits…


              • Mubai’s environment wasn’t that horrible either, and his talent was comparable to his brother who he has caught up too. And that wasn’t for just cultivation, but for his body and fighting ability… while spirit power plays a big role, how one takes care of one self and their body plays just as big a role & Shrek still gave a great training method from many experts with more teachers than students.

                So they didn’t have as great of environment, but their teaching methods and skills were of the highest calibre and made up for that.

                And Tang San’s cultivation method is a big boost that others don’t have. And no wealthy kids usually have more access to people who can help them get better spirit beasts…. the better environments are usually from advanced academies (after beginning and intermediate schools).

                Their first boost was worth several years, then they cultivated in months what would have been years….

                And in the end, it just proves my point more… they were able to do in months what should have been years… so still a major boost.

                Both people gave a sh*t load of effort, and the spirit is a part of the talent. Parentage has nothing to do with this. Knowledge is what they gain and learn (and it is because of his knowledge from his past life that Tang San was able to get so far ahead) and wealth is better really for getting better spirit rings, the cultivation is up to the individual and it seems to only be the more advanced academies that get these better cultivations… so until he got into an advanced academy, he shouldn’t have had it.


          • don’t forget that Tang San is not using his full skills. He cant use his hidden weapons on this tournament.


            • Dmr, think of it this way. Given that shrek seven devils really did have boosts in years, did you ever think that maybe huo wu have the same boost? Well not entirely the same boost given that the immortal treasure herbs are the best of the best but maybe of an inf


            • Dmr, think of it this way. Given that shrek seven devils really did have boosts in years, did you ever think that maybe huo wu have the same boost? Well not entirely the same boost given that the immortal treasure herbs are the best of the best. Maybe they are of inferior quality. It’s not entirely impossible since huo wu is from a great family. This would make things better for you to comprehend, I think. 😄


    • A story adjust itself as the author’s will decide so. While I didnt like the use of Immortal treasure myself on Tang San (he was already OP), as the story unfold, now I can see the reason for it.

      If Tang Sang only took the one boosting his eyes, I would have being happier. I already said so but this world is awesome fortunatly. If I felt the story was ONLY about Tang San, I probably would have stop reading.

      So yeah, they are little monsters in every ways. I feel bad for Goldwind Academy leader as well, who got beated by Tang San on his one vs one battle. He have some true talent as well.


      • This tornament is full of talent, yet because of drug use, these kids could show them up before they reach near their 20’s.

        I do believe that if they have it, they should use it. But I can’t but help feeling sorry for teams that never got such an advantage.

        And a hammer vs an arm…. not really surprised by the outcome… rather than their lose of battle, I’m more sorry about how because the devils got a boost of years for their cultivation, they seem a lot more talented and as such, would make the others doubt themselves more.


        • Well, like my Drill Sargent once said; “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying!” The fact is that they were smart enough to find a shortcut, and the others weren’t. People who argue about fairness, have never faced a life or death situation.


          • Well, I’m not blaming Shrek, especially in this world.

            They were lucky enough to gain such boosts, and would have been dumb to not use them…

            But, I still feel sorry for the others. They don’t know how the Shrek kids got their power, but they know that there were a bunch of children with more power than them… it’s gotta suck….. now if they knew that the kids used drugs, it’d be one thing… but they don’t….

            And Shrek would be stupid to tell others of the use…

            So all these talented people think they are looking like sh*t losing to kids without knowing that the kids got boosted by a few years…..


        • The fairness you speak is nothing but utopia. You’re being unrealistic here, hoping that everyone should given the same chance. Even the real world doesn’t work like that.

          Anyway, if you think that those plant-thing was cheat, how can you prove that nothing such also taken by Huo Wo, Feng etc? Just because their story were untold doesn’t means that the “clear of drugs”, as your conclusion said so..

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          • First off, I’m NOT saying it SHOULD be fair or anything. I said I FELT sorry for them.

            Did you read my whole comment or did you just take my for them out of context.

            Your just making assumptions about my post. Did I say they should give a fair chance? I believe my words were the opposite.

            Feeling sorry for the loser for not getting the prize IS NOT equivalent to saying that EVERYBODY should get the prize.

            The same way I support Spirit Halls decision to kill Tang San (objectively at least, I don’t actually want him dead), I also SUPPORT the magic herbs used by him and don’t think he should care about others.

            And the chances they actually used those drugs are really low and would most likely have been stated since it is a super rare boost that would be almost impossible to find and even if by some miracle they found them, 99% of people wouldn’t know what it does.


        • The age you are using is just all based on speculations and has no evidence behind it, you are using past rate of leveling as a base for future advancement, which is not how this spirit world works. Just cause they are slow in the beginning does not mean they will slow down because it is harder to break through for future levels, what we are talking about are only the 40s, not something like 60+. At the moment, these lower levels of difficult are not increased exponentially like it is at the Titled doulou level.
          The only person, and i say only person who actually benefited the most is Du Mubai due to having the flower to break the bottle neck to 40, everyone else did not have that benefit and still managed to break through on their own. Thus if you were to estimate, like you said based on Xiao Wu’s training rate, they only had 1 year boost to their training. And for all we know, we don’t even know if Xiao Wu was training properly or just fooling around.
          As for tournament wise, the next tournament would be in what 4 years? This just mans the other academies are in fact not even at a disadvantage, but at a huge advantage because Shrek members are participating now. They will not only gain insight on what they are lacking, but also build the foundation and improve within 4 years for the next tournament, of course most of the older members would not be able to participate, but the other members won’t be so weak as they won’t be even able to give the 7 devils a challenge.
          What would happen if they did not eat the flowers? They will still end up at top 10 at the first tournament. The other academies would drop out before even attempting to face Spirit hall academy, they would also have no motivation to improve because there is no “monster” team that will push them.
          Their age? most of the 7 devils will still be less than 20 years old 4 years later and they will just obliterate their way through the tournaments and even win the spirit hall tournament without anyone giving them a challenge.
          This is a continent where power is supreme regardless of how it is obtained. For all we know, we can say the other academies had benefits from their families and academies, for all we know, everyone in the tournament had been using drugs before (Don’t forget that Shrek first trained in a worst environment compared to the other academies yet their advancements were even faster). It’s just due to Tang San’s knowledge, their drug is the Optimal one used for maximum benefit. In any case, everyone had their own benefits, but saying it is “unfair” is just unacceptable due to it being opinionated. If you want to compare, compare everything, from family power, school power, and to optimal training conditions.


          • 1st, did I say it was unfair? I was talking about how pitiable it was that these genius students who could probably match the 7 devils in talent seem less talented. Please do not put any meaning I did not put there or claim I said something I did not.

            And the flowers made it many times easier to break the bottle neck for them.

            Xiao Wu and Tang San are exceptions to cultivation because both are in unique circumstances.

            Also, I used the past rates of these INDIVIDUAL spirit masters, and how other compared to them. So it is how it works. Gaining in 1 year 3 ranks while in the 20’s is considered great even by Shrek Devils standards. It’d be a lot harder in the 30’s, and in the 40’s it would have taken them years.

            At most, they probably would have been about equal to Huo Wu or that water academy leader by the time they reached the same age

            And the other academies wouldn’t have dropped out but tried to score as high as they can. And Shrek probably wouldn’t have gotten so far, since all their members would have been SIGNIFICANTLY weaker….

            Individually, without the flowers, they would have been over all inferior during this tournament.

            And if they had joined 4 years later (without flower power), they would have probably have matched the elites (as a whole, and been as strong or almost as strong as they are now)… except Tang San & Xiao Wu would be a lot stronger…

            And no, not everyone had the flowers (since they are so rare and most people don’t know sh*t about them).


    • You forgot to include age 15 year olds vs20 year olds , if they were the same age Shrek owns without the plants


      • Not everybody. A lot of these guys would own Shrek if they were the same age…. or would still be a challenge.

        And individually, the Elephant Armored people would have a good chance… they are just sh*t as a team because everybody is using the same F***in’ cards, but they are powerful as individuals….


    • Actually the most talented of them all (outside of Shrek Academy) is the ice control spirit master that Tang San tied with. For one, she’s a lot younger than Huo Wu (18? I think it was?) and was roughly around the same strength in ranks and possibly better as a control-type master.

      Also the ‘medicine improving the body’ type of trope is pretty common in martial arts type stories. Plus, I don’t think you could really call ‘immortal’ plants drugs in the way a druggy would have them, but a very fortunate medication and boost. For the various people that took them, it not just helped increase their spirit power, but it also ‘removed’ the impurities interfering with their growth. Also Huo Wu is, if I remember, around 20? Without the medicines, everyone in Shrek would still probably break through the 40th rank around 15-16ish (Da Mubai’s age, since they managed to break 30 at age 13 for Xiao Wu and Tang San, and 14 for Oscar). Not to mention, a lot of the big academies still have optimal training grounds (and since they’re elemental academies, they’re even better due to it being easier to build some place on a volcano for fire types or in the arctic/ocean for ice/water types vs. trying to have all types of training grounds). And before Grandmaster became a teacher – even Da Mubai, who was probably discouraged due to the fact that his family favored his brother over him – they were living without any optimal environment, food, or even training (Grandmaster had a hand in improving the training style). So, with the exception of Ningrongrong, no one probably had the proper place to train in their entire life before moving academies.

      Imagine, if they all had optimal places to train as soon as they exhibited their spirit powers (around age 6), wouldn’t their growth be terrifying? The elemental academies have an edge since almost all (with the exception of Sweetwater) children are nobles (and would have had optimal training areas since they were born). Not only that – they come from areas of wealth, which means they could acquire spirit bones to help them become stronger faster due to not just the extra boost and ability they can give, but the fact that they also grow stronger along with their users (wouldn’t that be just the same or possibly even better than the immortal flowers?). Huo Wu’s family, which probably spared nothing to foster her talent, probably wouldn’t be below giving her a spirit bone to help her cultivate.

      With this analysis, Shrek Academy students are the ones who have the most talent – they just closed the livelihood gap and spirit bones with the help of the immortal flowers. Otherwise, even at age 20, they would still easily triumph against talents of people the same age.

      I also think Xiao Wu’s talent is definitely greater than Huo Wu, though we don’t know exactly how the immortal flower she possesses influences her body. I think the ‘spirit bone???!!!’ throw in by the VIPs during the ranking matches might be a foreshadowing to how the immortal flower will be like a spirit bone for Xiao Wu – incorporated into her body without being consumed.


      • I already explained my point for Xiao Wu, and most of the Shrek kids had good environments and highest level education… Fatty seems exempt… and Tang San n’ Xiao Wu.

        And Huo Wu wasn’t shown to really be inferior to the ice water girl (it was just 1 year in age & he spirit power was lower), it’s just that most of her abilities were limited by Tang San…

        I didn’t say it was uncommon to get the “drug” & I wasn’t complaining about it. Just noting how sad it was for the other academies since they all seem so much less talented in comparison.

        And the higher the rank, the longer the cultivation. And I typed the same points too long in my other posts….


        • I know it’s ‘higher the rank, longer the cultivation’. I was just pointing out that the rest of Shrek Academy students probably aren’t that inferior to Mubai when it comes to cultivation speed, so if they were around his age or younger, they would have hit 40th rank. Also you gotta factor in how Mubai and Zhuqing probably didn’t have optimal environments (I would think their older siblings would probably have tried their best to sabotage their training as much as possible to keep them from possibly gaining the upper hand – if some theories are correct and the family is super close to the royal family, conflicts can get much deadlier than Game of Thrones style) even if they had access to proper mimicry environments. For Ningrongrong, it was her laziness that kept her back when it came to cultivation, and Fatty had no optimal cultivation place at all until Shrek moved to Blue Tyrant. Oscar is probably not from a well to do family (food systems are rare and those being able to cultivate it even rarer).

          Whereas, compared to them (minus Ningrongrong, and, I guess – /I guess/ – Zhuqing and Mubai), the rest of the elemental academies basically were born with silver spoons in their mouths. And seeing how Zhuqing and Mubai left their homes at relatively young ages (12), they were probably not treated all that well. After all, second children are usually considered ‘spares’ for these kinds of families, and as long as the main child grows up well, there’s no real use for the spare children. Also with the elemental academies, their students are probably likely to have the optimal mimicry environments since the moment they set foot in to the academy, since the academy is probably built in a place where they could most maximize their element.


          • Yes, but don’t forget that the education and improvements from Shrek academy was in no way small. They gave some of the best education and helped students cultivate to high levels.


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  18. Calling the Immortal Treasures ‘drugs’ is mildly insulting. They are more akin to legendary one-shot magic items, like reading a Tome of Clear Thought or Libraim of Silver Magic in D&D. Use of legendary medicines and items to do this sort of thing is very common in Oriental Mythology. Remember the Emperor’s Peaches for the Monkey King, and in Norse Myth, the apples of Idunn, in Greek, the golden apples of Immortality?

    What it is, is a way to indeed make up time, because this system of magic/power is entirely dependent on age. It is total tyranny of age. It’s not like other stories where the young can rapidly rise to challenge the old. there’s literally NO WAY any of the primaries can challenge the likes of an 60+ character without surprise on their side, they’ll just die. Contrast this with like One Piece, Naruto and so forth, where younger characters are regularly knocking fists with people older then them, and the real world, where your most dangerous years are 20-30, and then its slowly downhill. Indeed, in the old days, 18-25 were considered the prime years of all warriors, and after that you could get by on improving technique, but it wouldn’t completely offset the loss in physical ability.

    The tyranny of age makes for a VERY different setting and mindset compared to what we are used to.

    As the story noted, with 1% genius and 99% hard work, a difference of a few years is a wall nigh impossible to climb. Without such a mechanic, there’s no way people as young as the team could ostensibly compete.

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    • Yup! Also with Xiao Wu, thanks to Tang San’s more ostentatious talent stealing the spotlight, it keeps Xiao Wu safe. Tang San repeatedly says “Xiao Wu would exceed me if only she tried” to indicate exactly how talented she is. How would Salas react if he found out about how Xiao Wu, with no clear linage and parents, was possibly even better than Tang San when it comes to talent (minus the twin spirits)? By measuring her power to only match up to Tang San, she keeps herself safe and keeps people from questioning how she’s able to level up so fast – truly a rabbit camouflaging with her environment. If it weren’t for her choosing to hold back, Spirit Hall might have noticed her long ago and tried to either recruit or kill her. Not to mention, Xiao Wu seems iffy whenever it comes to title Duolou, which might indicate some kind of conflict between her and these people that might appear later in the story. When it comes to ability, at least Tang San can claim his Clear Sky clan linage and give people an excuse as to why he’s a genius – something that we don’t know if Xiao Wu can do.

      She’s like the dark horse of the dark horse.


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