Douluo Dalu – 271 – Sect Chief, Clear Sky Warrant

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38 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 271 – Sect Chief, Clear Sky Warrant

  1. Thanks for the chapter Bagelson! Whoa didn’t expect him to kill himself after that. I would have thought he’d be inspired to try and design something better.


    • This Lou Gao was a f*cking psycho!!! Don’t throw yourself into the furnace because you’re so crazy, just stay alive and keep forging more! Ugh… I almost can’t even feel bad for him because he’s so crazy. >.<


  2. Thank you for this excellent chapter.
    Like others wrote before, I’m feeling sad for Lou Gao’s death. Even if it will arouse his glory, the death of such a genius is always a pity.
    Thanks again.

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  3. thank you for the chapter 😀
    Every time a blacksmith throws themselves into a fire i just get a hilarious image of what that would look like in real life.


  4. Hey, Bagelson, thank you for the work that you do in translating this novel. I’ve kept up with your releases for a long time, and every release brings a smile to my face. I wouldn’t possibly have been able to enjoy this work for so long without you, and regardless of what people might say, you do a fantastic job! Thank you, and take a break once in a while, you deserve it.


  5. Why i felt as if author changed his original idea about Clear Sky School’s background halfway? I always thought that Tang San’s Grandpa is died from anger because of Spirit Hall’s matter and then this is because of the internal struggle that the Clear Sky School is closed off but now it looks like totally different.


  6. I dont like that he gave his great greatfather the credit for his achievments and strength, when he dident help him at all.
    Damn i dident expect lou gao going out like this, thats sad.


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